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Schu-Fu is a sport-medicine based art with a scientific foundation.
The focus is on self-defense, self improvement, stress relief and fitness.
It is known as an eclectic style, which means that
Schu-Fu includes the theory and technique of many styles of martial arts.  You do not need athletic ability, strength, or size to learn Schu-Fu, because the art teaches you how to use your opponent's energy against them.
Grand Master Schu and his dedicated staff understand that people have different needs and abilities.  Thus, everyone who attends class is treated as an individual and encouraged to advance at their own pace.
Schu-Fu, we strive to help people develop their warrior spirit with a curriculum that offers traditional methods of training mixed with simulations of real-world self defense situations.
Schu-Fu, our motto is, " You do what you practice ".  Therefore, we engage in full-contact training with due emphasis on safety.  Schu-fu is not for tournament competition because tournament fight involves rules, and we all know that in the street, there are no rules.
Schu-Fu International Martial Arts Association is dedicated to providing affordable, professional martial arts instruction for men, women and children of all ages.

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carroll schumacher  Film Professional

Actor / Stunt Player

Stunt / Fight Coordinator

Assistant Director / Casting

Mr Schumacher is a long time film professional. 

Starting his career in the late 80's, Carroll has worked on and appeared in network & cable TV, feature & independent films as well as commercials, industrials, live capture and CD roms.  

Wether it's in front of the camera or behind it, " Can Do Schu "gets the job done! 


Grand Master Schu :

With over 35 years of teaching experience, he has developed a dynamic and intuitive teaching style.  This enables him to draw out his students, hidden talents and strengths.

" His passion for the art comes to life through his instruction"

Grand Master Schu possesses a keen eye for energy and motion, along with an extensive knowledge of the body and how it functions.  He is renowned for his ablitity to communicate with, and relate to people with far ranging goals from all walks of life.

Rhino Boy & Dog boy

on The Chronicle

Played a French biker 

on a 2nd unit reshoot

The one, the only, " Mikesan "

& myself  on Silk Stalkings

Fresh out of a cryogenic cell

on Invisible Man

Bad guy Marine MP on

Pensecola Wings of Gold